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Frequently Asked Questions - Domestic

  1. Why do I need a lawyer?
  2. It is important to consult a lawyer for your divorce especially when there are minor children from the marriage and you hold any joint accounts or property with your spouse.  Custody issues regarding minor children can often be complicated and emotional.  A lawyer can help determine the best legal and physical custody arrangements for you.  Additionally, a lawyer can help you determine how any joint accounts or property can be divided.

  3. Can I or should I move out of the house before the divorce?
  4. Unless there are issues of family violence, it is better not to move out of the marital residence.  Once you have consulted an attorney and filed for divorce then you may decide to move to a separate residence.

  5. How much is this divorce going to cost?
  6. The cost of a divorce depends on the issues of the case.  Typically issues such as the amount of property/assets involved, custody of minor children and the agreeability of the parties will determine the costs.  Generally, the initial retainer will be between $2,500.00 and $5,000.00.  However, when parties are less agreeable, have a large number of assets, and have minor children then the price will increase.

  7. How long will it take for this divorce to be finalized?
  8. The length of time it takes for a divorced to be finalized will depend on the issues of the case.  The more agreeable the parties will often determine the length of the divorce.  However, in Georgia you must be separated from your spouse for 30 days in most cases before a divorce will be granted.

  9. How much child support am I going to pay or receive?
  10. Georgia follows the child support guidelines.  Child support is determined by your income and the income of your spouse.  Please see the following Georgia Courts website for more information:

  11. Can I receive alimony, or will I have to pay alimony?
  12. Whether a party will receive or pay alimony is based on several factors.  Courts typically look at the income of the parties, the lifestyle of the parties, and the length of the marriage.  The longer the marriage and the larger the difference in income between the parties, the more likely one party is pay/receive alimony.

  13. When can I start dating again?
  14. It is best not to begin dating until your divorce is finalized.

  15. Should I hire a private investigator?
  16. If you suspect that your spouse is having an extramarital affair then you may want to consider hiring a private investigator.  If you can prove your spouse has committed adultery then you can prevent the adulterous spouse from collect alimony in most cases.  However, if the adulterous spouse will not be entitled to alimony then the expense of a private investigator may be unnecessary.  You should discuss your case an attorney to determine if you should hire a private investigator.





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